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By entering this website you agree to be bound by these terms of use. If you do not accept these terms of use (“terms of use”), please leave this site. These terms of use apply to the web pages of OpusCapita Group (“OpusCapita”) and its subsidiaries. Some pages may contain terms specific to a service, in which case they take precedence.


Website use


OpusCapita provides the right to browse and download material on this website only for personal and non-commercial use, with the requirement that the user retains any mention of copyright or other proprietary rights contained in the original material in any copies made. The material on this website cannot be edited or copied for public use in any way, or displayed, presented or distributed in public, or used for other public or commercial purposes without the prior written consent of OpusCapita. Any use of the material contained on this website on other websites or computer environments connected to the net is prohibited.


All material rights to this website, including copyrights, remain in the possession of OpusCapita. The OpusCapita business name and logo are protected symbols and trademarks of OpusCapita Group. The use of the OpusCapita logo on third-party websites without OpusCapita’s consent is prohibited.


If a user is in breach of these terms of use, the user no longer has the right to use this website. If OpusCapita specifically requests a customer to download or print information from pages on this website, then their use and public presentation is permitted.


Press releases, contract terms, price lists and other documents intended for public use can be used in public communications on condition that any such communications mention the information source.




OpusCapita’s websites and their contents offer a service to their users. OpusCapita strives to ensure that the information contained on its websites is correct. However, OpusCapita is not bound by any material contained on this website. Any responsibilities governing OpusCapita’s products and services are based on the specific agreements governing those products and services. OpusCapita reserves the right to change the contents of this website at any time. The information contained on this website can refer to products and services that are not available in all countries. For more information on the products and services available in your area, please contact your local OpusCapita sales representative. Regardless of the aforementioned, all responsibilities arising from locally applied laws remain in force, and the aforementioned responsibility limitations are not applicable if they are in breach of local laws.

OpusCapita is not responsible for any damage arising from the use, functioning or malfunction of this website, or for any information security risk that arises for the user.


Links to other websites


The OpusCapita website may contain links to websites owned and maintained by third parties. These links have the sole purpose of assisting the user. When you enter third party pages, the terms of use of these pages shall apply. OpusCapita has not reviewed all such third party websites, does not monitor such sites or their contents and is not responsible for them in any way. Whenever the user clicks on a link on this website and enters a third-party website, the user is solely responsible for this action.


Links to this website


Third-party websites containing a link to the OpusCapita website must fulfil the following conditions:

  • The third-party website may contain a link to OpusCapita 's website, but content from the latter cannot be copied to the former.
  • The third-party website may not use OpusCapita website contents as content in its browser or framework environment.
  • The third-party website may not claim that OpusCapita supports the website or products contained therein.
  • The third-party website may not contain faulty information about the site’s relationship with OpusCapita or faulty information about OpusCapita’s products or services.

User consent


By sending material to an OpusCapita server via email or OpusCapita 's website, the user accepts and confirms that a) the material is not illegal or otherwise unfit for publication; b) the material is free of viruses or other destructive properties; c) the user owns the material or has the unlimited right to surrender it to OpusCapita; and d) OpusCapita may publish the material without charge and/or append the material or a part thereof in its own products free of any responsibility or obligation to pay compensation.


OpusCapita does not accept, via this website, any information that is confidential or protected by proprietary rights. Any material, information or other communication that the user transfers or forwards to this website shall be deemed non-confidential and not bound by any copyright whatsoever. OpusCapita has the right to copy, publish, distribute, append and otherwise use such communication material, and also use all images, sound, text and other information contained therein for any commercial or non-commercial purpose. Personal information supplied by the user in connection with the order of services shall be handled in accordance with OpusCapita 's privacy protection principles. The user is prohibited from sending any material to this website that is threatening, slanderous, degrading, pornographic or illegal in any way.


Discussion groups and other user interaction areas


OpusCapita has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor and supervise website areas wherein users enter or forward messages or communicate with each other (e.g. discussion groups, bulletin boards and user groups), including the content of the messages. OpusCapita is not responsible for the content of such communications, however, regardless of whether they fall under the scope of copyright, libel or privacy protection legislation or other legislation. OpusCapita may, at its own discretion, remove from its website any material submitted by users at any time.


General information


OpusCapita administrates this website from its offices in Finland. OpusCapita does not guarantee that the material and services contained on this website are appropriate, available or usable outside Finland. If users access this website outside Finland, they do so on their own initiative and are responsible for adhering to the applicable local legislation. These terms of use are governed by Finnish law (except for the relevant practices on the determination of jurisdiction as established under international civil law).


OpusCapita may at any time revise these Terms of use by updating this web page. Users are encouraged to periodically visit this web page to review these terms because they are binding on the user. Terms may be superseded by expressly designated legal notices or terms located on particular pages at this site.