OpusCapita Payments

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Payments allows you to control all incoming and outgoing payment transactions within a group. Since the application can be directly connected to your financial management systems, it processes payments and batches them in a centralized way, regardless of payment types or origins. The solution can be used for accounts payable, treasury and payroll payments, as well as for various manual payments.

Reducing Revenue Loss with Fraud Prevention

OpusCapita Payments is ideal for the growing challenge of mitigating the risk of fraud and cybercrime, which according to Lexis Nexis is costing Retailers nearly 1,5% of revenues. The solution offers features to limit and block payments via rules and powerful user right management. We offer safe multi-factor authentication solutions to our cloud service. Moreover, payment messages from any of your ERP systems can be digitally signed and encrypted when using our modern web service technology.

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Format Conversions and Up to Date Standards

Payments can manage customer specific formats or industry formats like ISO 20022 XML and mapping, conversions, or enrichments of Customer’s format to bank specific formats.

Key Benefits

  • Create secure payment processes using four-eye approval principal, segregation of input, approval and sending
  • Ability to enter manual payments
  • Easily create payment templates
  • Approve and send payment batches
  • Easily monitor and reconcile payment flows
  • Monitor logs and audit trails
  • Manage views and browsing of batches and payments

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