Centralizing the collection of account reporting and receivables at a group level can have a formidable impact on the working capital management of the entire organization. Keeping liquidity that is not actually needed can be a heavy cost for companies, and on the other hand, external funding can be costly to come by. Meanwhile one of largest efforts in financial departments is to automate accounts receivable operations and GL posting.

The key to efficiency in collections side is to set up connections to your banks in a harmonized way. What sets OpusCapita apart from traditional treasury systems is its high functionality for cash flow automation valued by AR and GL departments. Once all bank statements are received with our single solution OpusCapita increases the quality and efficiency by automating many of the routine back office processes.

Balance Monitoring

Make your trapped cash visible with reliable balance monitoring and analysis. Releasing reserve cash back for investment is one of key ways for modern cash management function to directly support the business. By efficient and easy to use rules you can also automatically track exceptions in your flows, such as unnecessary currency transactions. This has a clear impact on your FX loss management.

Your daily routines should not start by collecting bank statements or balances from banks manually to be imported to your system. That should not be a task for treasury nor finance department. With OpusCapita all balances for all of your accounts globally are up-to-date when you arrive to work in the morning. With our dashboards you manage exceptions, such as missing or late arrivals, empty statements and bank holidays with no time.

GL and AR reconciliation

Reconciliation of bank transactions to GL can be surprisingly cumbersome even for many large corporates. That is because the quality of automated reconciliation is weak in ERP systems. Legacy configurations lead easily into situation where bank balances and transactions are not reconciled to general ledger on a daily basis. Such process is inefficient and also propitious ground for fraud.

With OpusCapita you setup and implement a modern clearing account structure that can highly automate processing of all bank transactions. While all outgoing AP-driven payments can be automatically reconciled, manually made payments can follow the same routine with enriched notes and postings from OpusCapita. For AR flows you can correct and enrich creditor reference data to achieve full match automatically. While all cash bookings can be automated by rules to GL.

Automation of reconciliation is a proven business case. You increase the quality of all your bookings. This doesn’t only lead to daily collection process efficiency, but you also release valuable time for receivables teams to work with more closely customers and business (Valmet case card here!). You will also improve the speed and reliability of month end and period closing. It is the way to ensure business gets reliable figures for business steering on time.


You can increase the management of customer life cycle in accounts receivable significantly by improving reconciliation routines. This process is cumbersome in many countries and for many businesses. Countries with high adoption of creditor reference or global creditor reference benefit from close to 100 % automatic reconciliation rates. However, in many countries you settle way below 50 % rates. That has to do with local payment discipline and systems, but also due to lack of standards.

OpusCapita is in a journey to change this. Assisted by artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep understanding of order-to-cash processes from sales invoicing to debt collection we develop solutions to our customers to increase the quality of the whole process. As a benefit you will gain impactful cost savings triggered by increased process efficiency, better customer service by increasing the quality of reconciliation management and debt collection, visibility to incoming cash flows by understanding payment behavior, which are usually more difficult to forecast, and working capital optimization benefits by closing your books more promptly.


With OpusCapita bank statements can be automatically archived and backed up by setting routine rules. “Electronic archiving” is integral part of the solution and happens automatically. We are strong believers of automation. Such small tasks as archiving bank statement can be surprisingly time consuming if archives are managed manually or even in paper. Moreover, archiving statements electronically is the environmental friendly way to go.

With OpusCapita all statements, archived or active, are accessible in real-time all the time. This makes working with historical data efficient, even in distributed environments. All who need access to data or audit trails can be given those rights.


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