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Consolidating the payments and collections of large corporations into centrally managed treasuries is one of today’s key trends. But why?  Business is globalizing at an astonishing rate, therefore complicating the cash management landscape.  Fraud and cybercrime are also on the rise. Remember the central bank that was hacked to the tune of $81MUSD?  Add these to an extremely low yield environment and the need to centralize visibility and maximize liquidity yield has never been greater.

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OpusCapita Cash Management is a cloud based solution for Finance and Treasury professionals used by 800 customers in over 50 countries. The aim of our solution is to enable you to harmonize your processes, centralize your Treasury management, reduce complexity and bring full visibility to your cash positions.

Our solutions enable companies to view their global cash flows in real-time which enables more accurate forecasting. By reducing the amount of time needed for manual processes your Treasury professionals are free to run the added value analysis that’s needed. When centralizing visibility and control you’ll also be able to reduce banking transaction costs as well as overall funding costs while maximizing yield on available cash. 

We take a modular approach meaning that single products can be taken into use and built upon to achieve your company’s target results over time. In this way you can customize your solution to fit your Treasury organization’s current state and overall goals.

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Security is a concern for most organizations today.  Features such as ISAE Type 2 compliance, SWIFTReady for cash management, annual vulnerability testing and an end-to-end audit trail enable us to provide a secure environment for your financial transactions. 


We have over 200 direct bank connections and offer access to over 10 000 Financial institutions via our SWIFT connectivity.  We support all formats such as ISO 20022, XML, and GCI-MP to name just a few.  We also easily integrate with your ERP and financial systems via SFTP, PGP, and Web services.  

Key Benefits

Some of the reasons over 800 customers have chosen OpusCapita as their Cash Management partner.

  • Harmonize your processes
  • Reduce the risk of fraud
  • Reduce manual errors through automation
  • Gain visibility over daily cash positions
  • Increase forecasting accuracy
  • Maximize your liquidity yield